CBD Capsules 10 mg
CBD Capsules 10 mg
CBD Capsules 10 mg
CBD Capsules 10 mg

CBD Capsules 10 mg

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All of our CBD products are Organic, Broad-Spectrum, Colorado-Grown-and-Made, and Batch-Tested. They are simply the best!

Available in different sizes:
50 capsules $67.50 ($1.35 ea) = 10% discount
100 capsules $120 ($1.20 ea) = 20% discount
250 capsules $280 ($1.12 ea) = 25% discount
500 capsules $525 ($1.05 ea) = 30% discount

1000 capsules $970 ($0.97 ea) = 35% discount

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, CBD

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Customer Reviews

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I think it helps

I've only had the capsules for one week. The first few nights I took the CBD Capsules I slept very well. The past 3 nights I have not slept well. While I have chronic back pain due to multiple lumbar fusions, I do not have as much arthritic pain in my hands. I will continue to take the capsules at bedtime as I know it may take time for them to work.

Martha Raymond
Too early!

I cannot thank you enough for all of your help a few weeks ago. My first step into CBD was not successful simply because I did not know how I should use it. When you got on board you gave me some advice about how I might take CBD and you sent me some massage oil. I found the massage oil very helpful, but I only use it rarely because of cost.

I started taking the 2-10 MG’s two times upon waking noon and bedtime.

I know I’m feeling relief after three days of taking this amount and timing. I’m not sure it is the perfect dosage because I may need to wait for about a week.


I love these CBD capsules. They not only help me sleep but they also improve my arthritis symptoms.

CBD capsules

These CBD capsules are the only CBD product that has successfully worked for me. I have arthritis in my hands, actually in my thumbs. These capsules allowed me to postpone the need for surgery for about 5 years. I've since had surgery on my Rt hand but will probably not need surgery on my Lt hand as the inflammation and pain are much less. Also as an added benefit, since taking the CBD I have reduced the amount of my thyroid medicine. I now take about half the amount I had previously needed. We have cannabinoid receptors on many of our organs and evidently there is evidence the CBD can help normalize thyroid function. This was a double win for me. I am also very happy to know they do not use chemicals to extract the CBD, just coconut oil. Love this product and love the company!