When cannabis products went mainstream in Colorado about 5 years ago, I began getting inundated with CBD sales reps and samples. Each time I shared the products with friends, employees, and clients, and each time I got the same response – “meh….” The products just didn’t seem to have any measurable effect, yet I knew studies were being published about CBD’s often miraculous effect on pain, inflammation, and sleep problems, among other ailments.


As I began to educate myself, I learned that most producers, not surprisingly, are out to use the cheapest extraction method possible, while still being able to call it “CBD.” The least costly way is through chemical means, using hexane or butane (Ew!). This extraction method produces what is called an “isolate,” meaning all the compounds present in the plant are removed, and all that remains is one ingredient: CBD. Though this sounds great, the reality is that it results in an inferior and less effective, though cheaper, product. This is also how some manufacturers can claim huge amounts of CBD present in their products, yet they don’t seem to work. In this case quantity does not equate to quality. A salve containing 200mg might be much more effective than one with 4000mg, depending on the quality of the source material and extraction method.


The products that seemed to have the desired effect were ones that had both a natural extraction method and were either Broad Spectrum (all plant compounds present minus any THC) and Full Spectrum (all plant compounds present, including up to .3% THC, creating an “entourage effect” (more on that below).


Enter our medically-oriented supplier, who had volumes of anecdotal evidence over the years of selling his non-psychoactive cannabis. He explained WHY they work better, and why tens of thousands of people swear by their efficacy:


Solvent-free Extraction

This CBD is considered safer and superior to products that contain residual solvents, which may be harmful when ingested. The method used is described as the “Chicken Soup” method, whereby plant material is combined and heated with coconut oil and filtered water. The active cannabis compounds bind with the coconut oil. The plant matter, heavy metals and any impurities settle to the bottom of the water portion, which is then discarded. Then the infused coconut oil is painstakingly scraped into capsules. It is a laborious process, but the only one that results in the cleanest extraction method which in turn yields the incredible results clients experience.


No Preservatives, Fillers, Additives, or Artificial Ingredients

Our ingredient list it is simple using only pesticide free hemp, organic cold pressed coconut oil, filtered Rocky Mountain Spring water, in plant-based cellulite capsules making them gluten free and 100% vegan.


Full Spectrum Plant Extraction

A wide range of cannabinoids are present in the hemp plant.  CBD alone is considered less effective than when all cannabinoids are present. All the compounds working together  produce what is known as the “entourage effect.” The entourage effect results when hundreds of natural components within a plant interact together and with the human body to produce a stronger, synergistic effect than any one of those components used alone.


Since carrying this CBD and using it in my own products, I have received hundreds of testimonials about how this is the only product, CBD or otherwise, that has helped address a myriad of health issues. And the proof is in the pudding: almost 90% of CBD purchasers buy again and again. There is no greater testimonial than that, and I are so grateful to have sourced the very best quality that exists. Yes it costs more, but IT WORKS. You don’t need to keep throwing away money on CBD experiments – I’ve done the research for you.