Third World Travel Kit Instructions

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The following are basic Chinese herbal meds which have proven helpful for travelers, especially in third world countries:

  • Curing Pills: these pills are for basic indigestion from questionable dining experiences.
    • Dosage = 2-3 caps 3x per day (can go to double dose)
  • Bao He Wan: this formula is for the next stage of indigestion, slightly stronger, especially from greasy and fried food, or rancid fat/oils.
    • Dosage = 8 pills 3x per day (can go to double dose)
  • Huang Lian Jie Du Pian: This formula contains berberine compounds which are broad spectrum antibiotics. Therefore this formula is effective for either digestive dysentery or infectious feverish diseases. Consider it for any infection or fever anywhere in the body.
    • Dosage = 8 pills 3x per day
  • Quality Herbal Poultice: these patches are anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain killing), qi and blood invigorating, and connective tissue and bone knitting. They are to be used for any sore muscle, sprain, strain, bruise, or painful joint so long as there is no open wound.
    • Dosage = topical application for 8-24 hours
  • Yunnan Baiyao Capsules: this is traditional trauma medicine indicated for serious bodily trauma including open wounds. The yellow capsules can be taken internally or opened and poured directly into a bleeding wound (best mixed into a paste with clean water). In the center of the blister pack, you will find a single red pellet, use this in case of shock.
    • Dosage = Yellow capsules = 1 capsule 4-8 times per day and must be had with water, otherwise the powdered nature of the herb will cause heartburn.
    • Dosage = Red Shock Pill = take in case of shock, best with water.

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