Judy Godec offers Aromatherpy Secrets for Radiant Skin at Floracopeia.com

Have you ever noticed how some people’s skin simply glows with youthful radiance? Just as we bring nourishment to our bodies through food, so our skin absorbs the nutrients (and toxins) we feed it. Our largest organ is also intricately connected to our other organs and systems, and is not only an indicator of our overall internal wellbeing, but also a source and channel to optimal vitality.

In this class we will explore botanicals with a particular affinity for the skin and learn how to restore it to luminous health with the help of skin-loving essential and fatty oils. Do-at-home formulations, application techniques and rituals of self-care will be shared, along with self-empowerment (i.e. read the label!), diet, and spiritual nourishment as vital catalysts to superior health, and therefore, beauty. Finally, we will use oils to practice facial rejuvenation in the tradition of Chinese face reading and facial microsystems, employing acupressure points to stimulate meridians and simultaneously promote both internal and external health.

When: Wednesday, November 9th, 2011, 6pm PST

Where: MedicineCrow Webcast Page