Josh Geetter and Ivano Ghirardini accomplish two major first ascents of new alpine climbs in Chamonix France and Courmeyeur Italy.

Joshua Geetter, Ivano Ghirardini, Une premiere à l'Aiguille Noire by Peuterey

Nouvelle première pour Ivano Ghirardini
Le guide chamoniard opens an itinerary in the north-west face with the American Joshua Geetter
Chamonix.- It seems that the guide and manufacturer of climbing boots from Chamonix Ivano Ghirardini sees it as a veritable return to the mountains. A few months later I signed the premiere solitaire of the Young pointe in the North side of Grandes Jorasses, and was able to hear a new itinerary in the Northwestern face of Aiguille Noire de Peuterey, south facing Italian du Mont White That rise, and it was reassessed with a 24-year-old California guide, Jo'shua Geetter, habituated to the "Big Wall" Americans.
Selon Ivano Ghirardini, this guy was already a graveman from the Brenva glacier. Longue than 900m, it seems to be very busy and 27 longue where were you needed
Let the guides come along: "Dans le Bas", explains the chamoniard alpinist, "the rock is so good. In revanche, il est très difficile et délicat dans le haut. The total disparate disparity of the superseded surrogate is due to the fact that there are insurmountable blocks that made the end of the dangereous ascension. »
• Indiana Stones
Starting from Entrèves, I'll keep it up at the end of the walk and take a look at the foot in the middle of the day. Give him
Departure, you will be retro-surfaced in compact discs and exposed to rejoindre in three longues the glacier suspended in the base of the paroi. Ivano Ghirardini and Joshua Geetter
Ivano Ghirardini ahead of the voie attack. Afterwards, the tour agrees with Joshua Geetter.
Joshua Geetter in action.
The boat is traced back to the edge of a gaoyer to access a chimney barring the face in diagonal. After a second bivouac, there are areas attached to the part of the best left of his adventure (passages deduced in 5 and 6). Cepen¬dant, you have time to take on a passer stop the terminal bastion, who, selon I. Ghirardini, should be able to climb a difficult technique and difficult soutenue. Pour lui, "Indiana Stones" (This is where I was baptized) is a coterie ED, I thought it was harder for the Walker or the Epoque Croz, in the north face of Jodhpur Jorasses.
After such an ascension, the two guides did not intend to take it on vacation, and would expect to see other voices in the massif.
For about 40 years, Ivano Ghirardini notes that the stories passed on in the small industry are saying they are a big deal.
Alain ROUX