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Viral infections often start with a sore throat, proceed to the respiratory system, and end with a fever. In my 45 years of healing practice, I have found nothing that can compare with essential oils for dealing with these symptoms. The following information on this subject in this newsletter is a summary on this topic from my book called Aromatherapy with Chinese Medicine. These infections can usually be cleared with only two essential oils and three synergies (or blends). These are Tea Tree Oil, Ravintsara, Breathe EZ, Fortify, and Spice Traders and are available on my website. Everyone should have these on hand before they are infected so they can deal with the infection from the start instead of having to wait a week or so to get them. The sooner you start, the more effective the treatments will be. According to the ancient Chinese adage, “Do not wait until you are thirsty before you dig your well,” and “Do not wait until the battle starts before you sharpen your sword.”

If you haven’t used essential oils before, always start with only a drop to make sure you do not get a skin reaction, which would be much more complicated to address if multiple drops were used. If you do not have a reaction, you can assume that using more drops at a time will be OK. If you do have a reaction, you can decrease the reaction significantly by using a carrier oil to dilute the essential oils you are using. Carrier oils spread the essential oils over a larger area to dilute their potency. Good examples include coconut oil or grapeseed oil. I do not recommend olive oil because it has too many other ingredients that, while healthy to take internally as a food, are too spicy for it to be used as carrier oil. Spread an eighth of a teaspoon or less of the carrier oil on the skin and then add a drop of the essential oil. Wait an hour to make sure you have no reaction. If not, you can proceed to use the formulas that are effective for your situation. Always make sure to wash your hands with soap and water after using essential oils to make sure none remains on your fingers. You do not want to accidentally get any in your eyes or genitals by scratching or rubbing them with any oils remaining on your fingers!!!!

Sore Throat

Using essential oils for sore throat is the easiest and most effective way to use them. I have seen many clients with serious strep throat have these symptoms removed after only a few hours using only one treatment. The essential oil synergy to use for this problem is Spice Traders, which has been successfully used for viral and bacterial infections for centuries. Place one drop of the essential oil on the palm of your hand and stick a finger of your other hand into the oil to minimize the quantity and then place that finger in your mouth for 5-10 seconds, remove the finger, and refrain from swallowing for a minute or so to increase the time the essential oil will be in the throat. Usually one treatment will suffice, but it can be repeated three times during the first day if needed.

Respiratory Problems

The best oils for respiratory problems are the single oils of Tea Tree Oil and/or Ravintsara, and the synergy of Breathe EZ. Ideally, they should be applied as soon as any problem begins, such as the awareness that others around you may be infected, or when you first begin to notice any symptoms. In this case, place 3-5 drops on the skin with or without a carrier oil depending on your sensitivity in the areas that are most effective. These include the space beneath the collar bone, the inner side of the wrist and the inner side of the elbow, along with the earlobes, which correspond to the head and face in Chinese Medicine along with the hollow space on the ear just above the earlobe. Take care not to get any oils in the ear canal itself. In this case, apply the oils on the fingertip first and then on the ear. These can be applied up to four times per day for several days to prevent the infection from taking hold. If the symptoms do get worse, however, the Essential Oil Inhalant described below needs to be applied once or twice per day until the symptoms are removed.

Essential Oil Inhalant


  1. Kitchen pot with a diameter larger than your head
  2. Electric hot plate, or you can use the kitchen stove (which is muchless comfortable)
  3. Large bath towel
  4. 1-2 cups purified, spring, or distilled water (do not use unfiltered tap water)
  5. Cooking timer
  6. The Essential Oils(Tea Tree Oil, Ravintsara, Breathe EZ
  7. Tissues to clear nasal passages


  1. Gather all materials together in a comfortable area, preferably where you can listen to your favorite music
  2. Fill the pot with water 1-½ inches deep
  3. Heat the water in the pot to a simmer so the water is steaming but not boiling
  4. Use10-20 drops of the oils to the heated water. Start with a small amount (5-10 drops) and add more as you feel comfortable
  5. Set the timer for 20 minutes
  6. Cover the head with a towel
  7. Breathe the essential oil vapors fully and deeply for 20 minutes.Use three-part Yogic breathing by initiating the inhalation from the abdomen, continuing the inhalation through the lower chest, and ending inhalation into the upper chest. Exhale completely in the reverse order. Keep the eyes closed


  1. UseBreathe EZ as a base in all applications
  2. AddTea Tree Oil and Ravintsara if needed
  3. Great for children age six to twelve, but they needconstant supervision

Depending on the seriousness and duration of the cold or flu in conjunction with the strength of the individual constitution and condition, from one to five days or so of these treatments can be administered generally two or even three times per day. Each time you do the inhalant, the symptoms should improve dramatically. Simply continue using the inhalant until all the symptoms are gone. Of course, in the possibility that the cold or flu symptoms continue or in the case of high or prolonged fever, always consult your acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, or Western medical doctor. I highly recommend that you do this procedure preventively once per month during the cold and flu season, or any time you get that germy feeling.


Chinese Sand Scrapping, or Guāshā 刮沙, is an ancient technique used in Chinese acupuncture to relieve feverish conditions caused by infectious disease. It is traditionally applied to the back, neck, arms and legs, or abdomen. The area is first lubricated with vegetable oil and then scraped with a smooth surface (such as the edge of a spoon) until sandpaper-like eruptions appear. They are colored either red or, if the condition is more serious or chronic, purple or even black. Application of this technique will remove the fever by ridding Blood Heat.

This technique is ideally suited to essential oil application to assist in treating colds and flu, or Blood Heat. In addition, when the vegetable oil lubrication is substituted or supplemented with essential oils, the essential oils can more easily penetrate the Blood and greatly enhance the effects of the technique. Of course, the essential oils or Synergies that benefit these conditions will be the oils of choice. Try Fortify, Breathe EZ, or Spice Traders to prevent or stop colds and flu.

The most basic method used to apply this technique is to first sprinkle 3-4 drops of essential oil, preferably on or in a carrier oil, evenly over the chosen area and then rub it in with the fingers until the oil covers the area evenly. The technique itself involves dragging the backs of the fingernails quickly over the area alternating the fingers of each hand five times over a three-inch area and then moving the fingers up another three inches while continuously alternating the hands. Continue this process in the same direction (for example, up the spine for colds and flu) until the entire area is covered and the first round of application is completed. Repeat this sequence three times for a total of three rounds per essential oil or Synergy used. The entire process may be repeated daily for acute conditions or weekly for chronic conditions, or monthly for preventive maintenance.

After application, the skin of the treated area may turn red, purple, or black depending upon the seriousness of the condition. This discoloration will last a few hours, or possibly a few days, before returning completely to normal. Always inform the person of this temporary change in coloration so they will have an informed choice about receiving the technique. If they need to display this part of their body publicly soon after the treatment, they may wish to postpone the treatment until later.

Sometime within an hour after the treatment, the skin will get hot as the infectious and toxic agents are discharged. Do not be alarmed! This sensation will subside, usually within ten minutes, leaving the person very relaxed and in a better state of well-being. The intensity of this sensation should be regulated by the amount of oils or the type of oils used. Use fewer drops on a person the first time you work with them until you know their tolerance. Oils that are hot and spicy in nature like Clove, Cinnamon, Oregano, and Thyme will increase the hot sensation after the treatment. Always dilute these oils in a carrier oil to avoid skin irritation. If the oils are still too hot after the treatment, apply more carrier oil to your hand and rub the hot area with the carrier oil to dilute the hot oils, spread them around over a larger area, and make them comfortable for the person.

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“Facing the approach of calamities, do not be frightened or panic; the only way to survive a calamity is to remember to constantly take care of the people around you. When you bring out your loving heart to take care of others, you will stimulate the will to stay alive. When everyone can truly help one another, Heaven will bless you to allow you to live and move toward the new Heaven and Earth.”

- Shang-Sheng Liu

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