Written by Joshua Geetter

Medicine Buddha

For Immediate Release: 3/26/20
Contact: Joshua Geetter MSAOM, LAc.
Organization: Resource Oriental Medical Services Inc.
At Medicine Ranch Telluride

Chinese medical adages say… “You don’t begin digging a well when you are thirsty. You don’t begin to forge a sword when the battle has already begun.”

Over the last 2000 years there have been 320 documented epidemics in China. Because of this, a great deal of knowledge and wisdom has been gained with respect to halting transmission and protecting life.

The Chinese as a culture with their own medical philosophy have learned over time the art of preparing. Plagues and epidemics require a shifting out of the normal into a different mode of awareness and preparedness.

When the SARS epidemic broke out in 2002, the Chinese combined the best from modern allopathic medicine two millennia of herbal therapies to address the spread of that corona virus.

SARS Corona and CV 19 share 95% identical DNA structure.

Drawing from Chinese traditional medicine and its recent application during SARS, in early February 2020, large scale herbals were given in Wu Han and Hubei hospitals. The Chinese government then published official CV 19 treatment guidelines based on these strategies and protocols, refining them in real time. The guidelines are today, as of this press release, already in their 7th edition. The 2000 years medical evolution refined up to this moment represents some of the most sophisticated, on point tools available on the planet to address the current pandemic. These combined with the best modern allopathic strategies yields the highest standard of care possible.

Resource Oriental Medical Services (ROMS Inc.) at Medicine Ranch Telluride has perhaps the most complete Chinese herbal apothecary on the Western slope of Colorado. The importance of this resource as a healthcare contribution cannot be underestimated. We at ROMS Inc are poised to humbly serve our Telluride and San Miguel County community, healthcare workers, special and general populations with the best Oriental Medicine has to offer.

Therapies and their commensurate herbal formulas are broken down into the following stages:

Preventative: Immune fortification support. Standard traditional formulary and modifications.

Early Intervention: Direct anti-viral and secondary symptom relief support. Historic formulary and current Wu Han, Hubei and PRC modifications.

Acute Phase: Support during pneumonia and cytokine storm events. Standard and current Wu Han, Hubei and PRC formulas & strategies.

Recuperative: Support for physiologic and anatomic sequelae of the disease. Standard traditional formulary and modifications.

Chinese and global natural medicine also has a long history of distilling herbs into essential oils, many of which support anti viral function and specifically support the respiratory system. For 19 years in Telluride ROMS has targeted respiratory pathogens and supported respiratory health with essential oil therapies. We have current stock of formulas geared for optimum health through the pandemic.

FDA Disclaimer: These statements and products have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. If you have a health concern or condition, consult a physician.

This press release formally offers Resource Oriental Medical Services Inc as a healthcare team partner with the medical and government teams, with special and general populations in service to the greater good. We will offer donation of products and services as much as possible. A limited inventory of applicable products is ready now. We are in an intensive production run at time of this press release. Another release is forthcoming as formulas are completed. Ample references and links are available upon request.

Medical providers and government authorities are encouraged to contact directly for collaboration. I look forward to contributing in any appropriate cogent and meaningful manner with the powerful tools available at ROMS Inc.

In Service,
Joshua Geetter

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