Back Surgery Pre-Op and Post-Op Protocols

The following recommendations are valid for pre and post operation of the back.

Begin two to three weeks before surgery, and continue general protocols for one month post surgery. Continue Chinese Herbs, Glucosamine and obvious rehabilitation supplements for three to six months post surgery.

* Two to Three weeks pre-surgery:- Extra Veg protein, lots! Combine grain & bean. - Game meat, elk, deer, bison... back cuts, soup bones and marrow, EG: Ox Tail Soup. "Doctrine of signatures."-like heals like- Seagreens, seaweeds & blue-green algae, chlorella or Spirulina -all "speed" healing - Bufferred Vit C 300mg with bioflavinoids and rutin for tissue integrity.- B Complex 100mg with pantothenic acid 500mg for adrenal strength.- Multivitamin/mineral with antioxidants, beta carotene, zinc, Ca++, Mg for tissue repair.- Full spectrum pre-digested amino acid drink, 100mg daily.- Green tea, pycnogenol or grape seed or other antioxidant supplement, 50 mg 2x daily.- Garlic capsules or raw garlic, 4-6 daily, natural antibiotic... enhances immune function.

* POST OP & To quicken healing:- Bromelain 750mg twice daily (with quercitin 250mg for inflamation)- COQ10, 60mg 2x daily and or germanium 150mg capsules, 2x daily - as free radical destroyer- Gotu Kola, 2 caps, 2x daily for nerve
strength- Vit K for blood clotting: Sources include leafy greens, blackstrap molasses, alfalfa sprouts

-Blackstrap Molasses is also an excellent Potassium source

* Dietary

- Plenty of fruits and vegetables. Have a green salad every day post surgery to move bowels.-Daily sushi, six pieces, or sea greens for vitamin B and new cell growth.

-Brown rice and other whole grains with tofu for protein complimentary and more B vitamins.-Yogurt, miso and other cultured foods for friendly intestinal flora.

*Chinese Herbs & Additional Western Supplements

-Yunnan Paiyao , Eat red “shock” pill and two “yellow” capsules as soon as you wake up post-op.

-Continue 2 Yellow Yunnan Paiyao capsules twice daily for seven days to move trauma, bruising & stagnant blood out of the surgery area.

-Solitary Hermit Teapills, Take 8 pills 3 times daily for at least three months. This formula is analgesic, antiinflammatory, blood invigorating, connective tissue knitting, and has “envoy” herbs which bring the action to the back & lower limbs. This formula, in pills or as a custom tea (3 cups daily) is the cornerstone of post-op dietary therapy.

-“Disk Guard” is a combination of vitamins, minerals and supplements specifically formulated for repair and integrity of spinal disks. Dosage is 1 tablet three times daily.

-Glucosamine Sulphate with Chondroitin, is building blocks for connective tissue. Take at least 1gm twice daily for three to twelve months. This will piggy-back on the Solitary Hermit for better uptake by the back.

-Liniments, such as Tiger balm, Zheng Gu Shui and Arnica are to be used liberally and often as soon as the incisions are closed.

-Bar Jyi Suan brand Pain Patches are very sophisticated topical patches to be used while sleeping, driving, or if you must be on your feet.

-Acidophilus, Miso and live cultured yogurts as Pro-Biotics to rebuild intestinal flora after your Antibiotics.

-Vitamin E (Topical) for scar healing & internally to speed tissue repair.

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