Mineral Elixer Instructions

Following are instructions for preparation and use of your medicinal mineral elixir:

1) Hand wash the Stone(s) in salt water.

2) Place the stone(s) in a glass or mason jar, and fill to cover the stone(s) with
sparkling mineral water. Let this sit overnight. These two steps will cleanse
the stone(s) for use.

3) Rinse the stone(s) with clean water.

4) Place the stone(s) in a mason jar and fill with distilled water. Daily drink 1 oz
of the water and refill with 1 oz distilled water. In this way the minerals will
saturate the solution daily, and proper dosaging is maintained. The Course of
therapy is 18 days taken 3 days drinking an ounce of elixer, then 3 days not
drinking for a total of 9 elixer dosages in 18 days. At the end of the course
contact Josh for an evaluation.

5) If a full moon occurs during your therapeutic course, you can elect to put the
stone(s) in salty water in a glass bowl exposed to the moonlight overnight.
Then rinse the stone(s) in the morning and continue with your course of
therapy. This is a traditional cleansing and empowering method for your
mineral formula.

6) FYI: I have a colleague who prefers using plain salt instead of salt water for
step # 0. She reviewed this document, and sent me back her doc that she
uses for her patients. Her directions are: “Salt – Wash – Mineral – Distilled.”
Enjoy! Have fun! Drink elixir! Be well!

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